Cardamoms in Depth – Trekking for Connoisseurs

The Cardamom Tour is offered in the Trapeng Rung region during the dry season on a basis of a minimum of two guests by motorbike

You should bring: hiking boots, sun block, swimming costume, a hat or a cap
How long: 9-10 hours or as long as you are enjoying yourselves; 8 hours of trekking
Includes: a ride on a motorbike with a local guide/driver, coffee, water, picnic lunch
Limitations: the tour can be taken only in the dry season, from November to April; prebooking is necessary at least 7 days in advance


Prepare your hiking boots, take some sun block, you’re on for a jungle discovery.

After an early breakfast, our boat will take you around 8am to Tatai to meet your guide. From his childhood, he was one of the bests on doing what everybody could do at that time to survive… logging and poaching. Reconverted recently into tour guide, rare will be your question he can’t answer about the Cardamoms’ jungle.

A short briefing and you’ll depart for a soft but challenging discovery riding the bike behind your experienced driver. You’ll arrive at the entry point to the rainforest at 9am. Here is where your trek begins… Be assured, at the smallest sign of wildlife trace or presence you’ll be notified.

Your guide will be showing you the beauty of the Cardamom Rainforest, and you’ll enjoy the sound, the scent and the sight of this beautiful greenery…

Around 11.30am, you’ll reach the Bat Cave, which also houses wild boars at night.

At 1.00pm you’ll reach the first waterfalls where you’ll have your picnic lunch. You can enjoy swimming at these waterfalls for an hour, then at 2pm, time to leave to see more of the Cardamoms…

4.00pm, you’ll get to the 2nd waterfalls where you can enjoy yourselves for half an hour, before exiting the jungle…

Around 6.00pm your motorbike driver will pick you up from the exit point, on Road #48. Then at 6.30pm, your boat will wait for you at the embarkation point to take you to 4 Ruivers so you can regain the comfort of your tent and have a hot shower before dinner.


Download this programme in PDF format

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