An eco-tourist destination

Situated within the dense wilderness of the Cardamom Mountain Range, on the river bordering the Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary, our tented eco resort gently floats in harmonious splendor with its natural surroundings. As custodians of the greatest unspoiled rainforest in Southeast Asia, our goal is to leave as little human impact on the environment as possible. Your stay at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge contributes to the wider conservation efforts that we have become a part of.

Built close to nature

The ecolodge is purposefully built on a pontoon so you can be as close to nature as possible. In fact, you’ll be right on the water of the tranquil Tatai river, feeling its gentle ebb and flow and observing the myriad of aquatic life beneath its surface. Just 21 km away, crystal clear water cascades down the Tatai Waterfall all year round, filling the meandering river and its tributaries to enrich the wildlife that thrives on the vast ecosystems of wetlands. With the increase of rain during the wet season, the waterfall reaches its peak and releases a powerful surge of white foamed water. Let the gushing waterfall refresh you as you stand beneath it and relax with a swim in the cool water.

Nearby, among the rich landscape of swamp forests, one of Asia’s largest mangrove forests remains intact. A boat takes you to the fishing village of Koh Kong Khnong, where you can experience the cultural life of the locals and wander deep into the mangrove that is teeming with exotic wildlife.


A jungle waiting to be discovered

Unleash your inner sense of adventure and satisfy your natural curiosity by trekking deep into the jungle with one of our trekking tours. As you enter the dense undergrowth of foliage, you’ll be mesmerized by the wealth of flora and fauna that is the most diverse in Southeast Asia. Many more wildlife and plant species are yet to be discovered in the forested Cardamom Range, due to its remote location and inaccessibility.

Recognized as one of 35 international biodiversity hotspots, the Cardamom Mountains are home to an incredible variety of plant and animal species. More than 60 reptiles, nearly 500 birds and more than 70 species of mammals, including the indigenous clouded leopards and Malaysian sun bear, are found in this untouched tropical paradise.

Capture the amazing sights and sounds of this magnificent forest with its colorful and rare inhabitants. Many species in the region are under threat, including the endangered Indochinese Tigers, Asian Elephants, Pileated Gibbon, and the critically endangered Siamese Crocodile and Royal Turtle. One of Asia’s last elephant corridors remains intact in the Cardamoms and it is here that many of the surviving Asian Elephants still reside.

Discover the healing properties of the various restorative plants found in the region and how they’ve been used by the locals over the centuries. Learn about the ongoing conservation programs and protection of wildlife that ensures the integrity of this important natural reserve. As an eco-tourist, you’ll want to make this a part of your agenda.

Surrounded by beauty

With the Cardamom Mountains at your doorstep, you are completely surrounded by the breathtaking Cardamom landscape during your entire stay at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge. Top that with the luxurious comfort of your villa and a team of local staff always ready to serve you, and you have the perfect holiday away from the bustle of everyday life.