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Cambodia, an almost untouched country, is slowly opening its natural beauty to the world. Just a few miles away from the famous tourist spots and historic buildings, an unspoiled wonder of nature exists. The air is filled with the singing of the birds and the relaxing sounds of the Cardamom mountains and its rainforest. Live among nature in comfort and luxury when you stay in the secluded but luxurious 4 Rivers Floating Lodge.

Glamping on the Tatai River

The origin of the lodge came from the idea of Valentin and Anna who wanted to showcase the almost untouched beauty of Cambodia. Through the efforts of the husband and wife team, this luxury eco resort in Cambodia was built on a pontoon on the Tatai River in the Cardamom Rainforest. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is located near the Thai border, in the Botum Sakor Wildlife Sanctuary.

When it comes to lodges, we can say that the 4 Rivers eco lodge is perfectly one with the rainforest, the mountains, and the rivers. It is built using environment-friendly materials and uses the minimum amount of wood to protect the trees in the forest. 4 Rivers uses a modern and composite material in its construction. To protect the waters of Tatai River, the lodge is equipped with a wastewater treatment system.

We also cooperate and engage with the local community to maintain the beautiful surroundings. We want to make sure that visitors have the time of their life in an environmentally friendly accommodation. Our whole team is environmentally aware and we promote a footprint that fosters the ecology in the area.

Ecotourism in Comfort

When you think of ecotourism, you might think of uncomfortable lodgings that involve tents and campfires. 4 Rivers is not one of them. Our vision is a perfect harmony of unspoiled surroundings and a four-star accommodation. This will give you the comfort to witness the beauty of Mother Nature from your own bed.

Wake up to the sound of the jungle as exotic birds fly through the rainforest and above the ecolodge hotel. See the mist slowly descend and uncover the beauty of the Cardamom Mountains. Enjoy the ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors that nature offers you at the comfort of your lodge.

The 12-tented villas, usually used on Africa’s game parks’ safari veldt, are furnished and decorated with only top-quality materials. To help you relax while away from civilization and in the middle of the rainforest, each villa has luxurious comforts, including a flat-screen TV, a DVD player, and a mini-bar. But, no digital movies and sounds can compare with the natural music and kaleidoscope of colors that nature has to offer. Each villa has a private and large sun-lounger balconies to allow you to sit back and enjoy the sunrise and sunset while having delectable snacks and cocktails.

The 4 Rivers Team

Under the watchful but friendly eye of handpicked eco hotel staff, you will have the best experience during your stay. We offer a personalized experience and service to make you feel relaxed and safe as you trek the jungle, swim in the river, or even when you just lounge in your villa. Our staff will help make your adventure with us a memorable one.

Go on a holiday of nature discovery as you stay with us. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge offers privacy, seclusion, peace, and luxury at the heart of Cambodia’s Cardamom Rainforest and Tatai River.