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Exquisite Cambodian Cuisine in the Gem-Blue Stream of Tatai

Located in the middle of the jungle, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge boasts of its charming paradise to locals and tourists. Once you set foot on this beautiful hideout, the stress that you have carried with you all the way to Cambodia will go away on its own. Dubbed as the Kingdom of Wonder, it is no question why people from across the world come to visit, especially in the lush mountains where the natural beauty of Cambodia unfolds. There’s a number of activities to do in the rivers of Tatai but if you’re looking for more of Cambodia’s rich culture, then have a taste of its delicate cuisine right at the 4 Rivers Restaurant.


History of the Cambodian Cuisine

Many have said that the history of Khmer and its people is written in their food. The Khmer cuisine is similar to Thai but has its own distinctive flavor thanks to the ancient Khmer locals who have mastered the blending of herbs and spices in their meals. Throughout the centuries, the French, Chinese, and Indian culture have settled in the Kingdom of Wonders and have all added to the taste of their cuisine. They have learned to create baguette from the French people, and stir-fry and curry dishes from China and India.

Food for the Mind and Body

Cambodia is known for their love of seafood and vegetables. Every day, fishermen are able to get the freshest catch from the rivers and seas, while farmers are able to collect the fresh produce and take it to the local market. Their typical meal consists of salad, fish, rice, and soup.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can even try their famous dessert of sticky rice! Each meal is mixed with Prahok, a fermented fish paste that has an intense taste, to balance the flavor of your meal. Khmer people serves nothing but the healthiest ingredients from their own crops and from the vast waters that are surrounding them. Why not give it a try for yourself?

Get a Taste of Khmer from Its Food

What’s better than eating Cambodian cuisine at a fine al fresco restaurant and looking at the scenic Tatai River? Experience nothing but the best from the 4 Rivers Restaurant as it takes your taste buds on an awesome gastronomic journey! We are proud to give you a taste of Khmer cuisine, which you can experience while surrounded by the lovely jungle.

The restaurant also serves a mix of food culture, Western and Southeast Asian food. Dishes from our restaurant are made from fresh produce from Cambodia’s local markets and cooked in a purpose-built kitchen. Each mail can be paired with a sommelier’s choice of fine wines and spirits.

Come and witness Cambodia in its natural beauty as you stay in 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Tatai. Get the chance to experience the taste of the country’s culture through its local cuisine at the 4 Rivers Restaurant. If you’d like to reserve a table, book with us today. If you want more information, check out the rest of our website.