New excursions at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge and MAADS

Discover some of Cambodia’s rarest wildlife with field experts

The Tatai river and its surrounding mangroves and wetlands are known for its rich biodiversity of wildlife. Yet, little is known of the inhabitants that thrive here. The fishing cat (Kla Trey, “Fish Tiger” in Khmer), for example, is an elusive wildcat that once roamed all over the lush wetlands of Cambodia, but is now fast becoming extinct. Then, there are the myriads of shorebird species, many of them rare, including the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed sandpiper.

Guests who choose 4 Rivers want to discover the lesser known species that share this region, so to help you do that, we’ve teamed up with local biodiversity conservation organizations to bring you two new tours ­– the Kla Trey Expedition and the BCEC Bird Survey. These day-long guided tours are exclusive to our resort and limited to 4 persons per session. Hosted by field researchers, nature lovers can join in the science and benefit from their years of field experience.

Join the Kla Trey Expedition

Venture deep into the flooded forest and wade across narrow channels, treading over mangrove roots along the serene waterways of the Paem Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary. On dry land, you’ll find the camera traps that are set up to capture and document the secret life of fishing cats.

The Kla Trey | Cambodian Fishing Cat Project, is led by Spanish conservation zoologist and former EU conservation guidance author Vanessa Herranz Muñoz. Vanessa has been studying Cambodia’s lesser-known wildcats since 2014 when she worked with the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (CBC). She was part of the team in the CBC survey for fishing cat that gave its first record of the species in over a decade in the Wildlife Sanctuary near 4 Rivers Floating Lodge.

Join Vanessa and her team throughout the year in the Fishing Cat Project, as they take you on a journey into the mangroves where these felines make their home. Learn from the researchers as they guide you on their expedition to track and spot these nocturnal creatures in their wildlife habitat. While spotting one in broad daylight may be difficult, chances are, you’ll also encounter other rare species such as the playful smooth-coated otters along the way. You’ll also be immersed in the diverse habitats where the Earth’s oldest plants are found.

Join the BCEC Bird Survey

Situated south of 4 Rivers is a little known Ramsar site of international importance as a wetlands conservation area. Here’s your chance to visit the Koh Kapik and be captivated by congregations of shorebirds exclusive to this region.


Leading the survey is bird photographer and conservationist Senglim Suy, founder of Birds of Cambodia Education & Conservation (BCEC). Senglim and the Kla Trey wildlife experts will take you down 6km of mudlfats off Koh Kapik island to photograph and record rare species of birds, including the Endangered Nordmann’s Greenshank and Near Threatened Asian Dowitcher and Great Knot.

This tour is open from November to February when the Spoon-billed sandpiper might be spotted. One of the most threatened species on the planet with an estimated 120 pairs left in the wild, this small wader makes an annual migration from Russia’s Far East to Southeast Asia. The first population was only discovered in Cambodia in 2014.

Both tours are followed by a film and photo viewing information session to end your day. You’ll also get to take home one of Senglim’s professional shots of birds sighted during the survey as a memento. Most of all, you’ll have a most rewarding experience and be supporting the important conservation efforts of the KT Project & BCEC.


The Kla Trey and BCEC Bird Survey Tours launch November 2017, and are subjected to the availability of our researchers. Please book 7 days in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements. For further inquiries, please contact us at XXX.

Our collaboration with MAADS

Cambodia has more to offer than the fascinating wildlife of the Cardamom forests. To help you plan exciting trips around the Kingdom of Wonder, 4 Rivers is pleased to collaborate with hospitality management and development company MAADS, which operates a collection of distinctive destinations across Cambodia.

By joining forces, we will be able to offer a wider selection of carefully selected activities throughout the country, from visits to the temples of Angkor to the vibrant city of Phnom Penh, from the pristine beaches along our coastlines to the natural wonders of the Northeast and the Cardamoms.

Start at 4 Rivers Lodge, and let us make your travel a truly memorable holiday experience.

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