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Have a Green Valentine’s Day

The love season is approaching fast and we wouldn’t want any of you to miss the opportunity to celebrate the most intense feeling one can have. That is why we propose the following scenario: your loved one, a floating tent on a quiet river, the eerie silence of the jungle under the unbelievable light casted by the setting sun. And all that in the affordable luxury that you deserve.

Sustainable Love

Here, at 4Rivers, we have created a pure getaway from the bustling life of the big city. Choose to spend Valentine`s Day here and you will be glamping with consciousness. Because, even if love is red, nature is green and we are committed in keeping it that way. We have made tremendous efforts to ensure that your stay here will have as little impact on the environment as possible. Yes, we celebrate our love for nature every single day!

Romantic Sunset Cruise

And if you decide to step out of the comfort of your tent into the mighty outdoors, we have many activities for you and your special someone to enjoy. Morning trekking, to feed yourselves with the energy of the jungle, kayak trips – that`s a great team building exercise for couples, swimming in a remote waterfall pond, and one of our favorites: Paradise Regained. This is a sunset cruise down the Tatai River in that perfect moment between day and night when even the sun seems to gently whisper “I love you!”, as it sets behind the velvet jungle. All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy a sip of wine and let love do the rest.

Our highly-qualified staff at 4Rivers are very excited to greet you and make sure that nothing will spoil your holiday. So, don’t waste another minute: Live, Love and Travel Green!

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