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Going Greener in 2017

Scientists say that we have entered in a new geological era: Anthropogenic – the era in which the disruptions done by mankind to the environment become visible. Summers have been hotter every year and the winter blizzards causing increasing destruction.

Therefore, at 4Rivers, we are committed to GO GREENER this Year of the Rooster!

Working towards Sustainability

With heartfelt pleasure, we are excited and proud to announce the fruits of 4Rivers team`s hard work towards sustainability.

This year, we start to use more efficiently our solar panel. The staff have received the proper training in maintaining the system and now we can run on renewable energy almost 10 hours per night. The solar panels are in place since april 2014, but in the near future, with further investments we plan to run green energy at least 75% of the whole day. And with the dry season becoming longer and longer (as a result of the climate change), the use of solar power becomes more relevant than ever.

Beautiful Waste

Just the other day, one guest asked if she can buy four of the glasses she found in her room. She added that she owns a green home and the glasses cut out of empty wine bottles would be a great addition to her collection. We must admit, she filled our hearts with joy. We also transformed used wine bottles into chic flower vases and exquisite candle holders that you can admire all around your floating tent. We turned ugly wastes into a beauty.

Luckily, we are not alone in our endeavor of saving the planet. Here, in Cambodia, we found local partners as eager as us in preserving this beautiful country. Recently, we started a wonderful partnership with Cleanbodia, which provides us with biodegradable bags. These bags replaced the old plastic ones, and are made of cassava root, a widespread vegetable around Southeast Asia. Their degrading rate is 100 to 200 times faster than a plastic bag’s.

Also, our friends from Ecosense-Cambodia helped us replace the food packaging with products made of natural fibres, which makes them entirely compostable in only 45 days.
And with that we can say: So long, plastic! You are not welcome anymore at 4Rivers.

Travel Green!

We take very seriously our role as Guardians of the Tatai River. So, this year, we are proud to announce that we have added another Clean Up day. Along with our long-term eco-awareness projects aimed towards the local community, the twice-a-year waste collection keeps this area clean! This way, you can enjoy our activities to the fullest.

Either you take the new trip to the Kohkong Khnong traditional fishing village, where you can meet and greet the locals who govern their life by the ancient ways, or you endeavour by yourself on the new paddle boards and kayaks to explore the majestic surroundings.

The incredible landscape of The Cardamom Mountains and its ecosystem is worth all of these efforts to preserve.

That is why our whole team is very excited to welcome you here, at 4Rivers Floating Lodge, as your stay here will be more sustainable than ever.

Green is Life, Travel Green!

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