This summer is all about camping in style!

Combining the luxury of a 4-star hotel with what mother nature offers, glamorous camping or “glamping”, lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. As nature lovers, we believe in responsible glamping, and that means making an effort in preserving the beauty of our glamping ground.

We’ve all had our fair share of camping days in the past. You might remember the excitement of spending a night in the woods as a child with your parents, or spending a week during your college days in that rocky mountain range hiding from bears and eating canned food. Remember the sound of bonfire crackling in the night or birds singing in the early morning? Those are fond memories that you will always speak about, including the time you were too afraid to step outside the tent to answer nature’s call or the back pain you suffered from sleeping on an unfortunate buttress root.

Traditional camping – in the wild and with a polyester tent as shelter – has its obvious pros and cons. But if the cons are stopping you from enjoying the pros, maybe it’s time to consider glamping. After all, the idea is to stay as close to nature as possible but without the discomforts. With glamping, you can still have the experience of sleeping in a cozy tent, far away from the civilized world, preferably somewhere deep in the jungle, and above you, the constellation of stars and perhaps the moon to settle you into the night. It will be a grand retreat to become one with the Universe and absorb the tremendous Gaia energy that fills your spirit. You’ll want to stay comfortable to experience the glory of mother nature, and that’s what glamping in a 4-star resort has to offer.

The opportunities for glamping have sprouted far and wide and these days, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. As fellow campers, we know that you love unique places and exotic nature as much as we do. That’s why we created 4Rivers Floating Lodge in a style and location like no other in the entire world. To date, we are the only glamping community in Cambodia and the first floating tents ever to be built. Add to this the pristine jungle that surrounds us, the emerald river that flows right in front of your tent and the numerous exploring opportunities that we can offer – and you will understand why 4Rivers is a world-class glamping site. 

Despite the modern amenities, we leave only a minimal footprint on the environment as everything in the resort was built with Mother Nature in mind. We run a very strict environmental policy just so you can have an authentic experience in the wild. 

It’s glamping time 🙂 !

Anna & Valentin,
owners of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge 

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