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DO YOU ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS?2017-08-05T15:46:49+00:00

We do accept Visa and Mastercard. We also accept payments by Bank transfers and cash

WHAT KIND OF FOOD DO YOU OFFER?2017-08-05T15:47:22+00:00

We offer set lunch and set dinners.  These sets menu is a 3-course meal that offers guests starters, main dish, and desserts. The selection includes Cambodian and Western cuisine.

They consist of a variety of fish, pork, beef and chicken together with fresh fruits and vegetables that goes well with our wide variety of drinks from sparkling wine to chardonnays, cocktails and beers.

A selection of snacks is available the whole day offers you some vegetarian choices, some local tastes, and some western choices.

DO YOU SERVE VEGETARIAN MEALS?2017-08-05T15:47:25+00:00

Our restaurant serves vegetarian meals. Please let us know in advance and if you have any preferences, we will try our best to serve it you during your stay.

HOW DO WE GET TO 4 RIVERS?2017-08-05T15:47:27+00:00

You can reach us by your own car, private taxi or by bus. If you’re in Phnom Penh, drive on the National Road 4 to Sihanoukville. Continue to Koh Kong on National Road 48 and drive for over 130 km.

Our reception is at the 4th bridge. DO NOT GO TO KOH KONG CITY. Our reception area is 18kms before the city. Before the bridge, there is a dirt road on the left side with 4Rivers sign at the beginning of the road. Please walk down thru that dirt road to the river following the signs that are installed along the road.

See more details here

IS THERE A SAFE PARKING PLACE FOR MY CAR?2017-08-05T15:47:26+00:00

Our reception is located 5km away from our resort with a 24-hr security where you can leave your car during your stay at our resort

DO YOU ARRANGE PICK-UP AND TRANSFER?2017-08-05T15:48:30+00:00

We do organize private taxi to any destination in Cambodia and to some destinations in Thailand. The rate varies in different season.

To provide the best possible experience to our guests, we can also arrange the bus transfer to 4 Rivers and to your next destination.

Please contact us for details.


There is a road from Battambang to 4 Rivers thru Pailin and Pursat. The road is usable, but it’s a paved road, nor concrete yet. However, there is a part of this road, that after heavy rains, cannot be used.


There daily buses leaving Phnom Penh operated by companies such as Virak Buntham, Rith Mony and Sorya Bus.

Virak Buntham has proven to be the most reliable when it comes to safety and timeliness…

We would recommend taking the 7.45am bus, so you could arrive for 2pm check in boat. It would be best to also book your seat for the Koh Kong – Phnom Penh trip (return to Phnom Penh) when you book the Phnom Penh – Koh Kong seats.


There are plenty of things to do around 4 Rivers but you can also simply chose to rest.

For your family to have enough time to experience our comfort and the surroundings, a 3-night stay is best.


Most of the days we do not have any mosquitoes or insects, but there are days that we have many. There are preventive actions that we orient the guests, and encourage them to follow, to prevent the small insects from getting to the tent.

HOW IS THE WEATHER THERE?2017-08-05T16:04:14+00:00

Cambodia has a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year.

There are two seasons in Cambodia. The northeast monsoon season runs from December through April, bringing sunny, dry weather especially in January and February. The rains come when the winds shift into the southwest monsoon from May to November, with the most precipitation in the months of September and October. But also the nicest colors in the skies.

Cambodia heats up steadily from February to April, with temperatures peaking as high as 40°C in April. Temperatures remain high in May and June, and the southwest monsoon brings in more humidity and some very sticky days! From July through October there will certainly be some rainfall but it usually comes in short showers.

SHOULD WE BRING MALARIA PILLS?2017-08-05T16:09:18+00:00

We are not in malaria affected area and taking the malaria pills is not necessary.  We have had guests before who brought their malaria tablets but decided not to use it when they’ve arrive the resort.  Our tents are also surrounded with green nets that prevent mosquitos from going inside.  We advise that these nets are properly zipped and that you don’t open too many lights inside your tent—bugs are attracted to light.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADD EXTRA BED?2017-08-05T16:10:55+00:00

The floating structure’s logistics are not allowing us to provide extra beds. The tent is equipped with a chaise longue as extra sleeping place for a small child.

IS THERE EXTRA CHARGE FOR CHILDREN?2017-08-05T15:40:37+00:00

There are no extra charges for a child less than 4 years old.

Children aged between 4 – 14 years old have 30% discount on accommodation, meals and excursions

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN STAY IN A TENT?2017-08-05T15:40:06+00:00

Our resort, having 12 tents, can accommodate a maximum of 24 people and have just enough staff and facilities for 24 guests.

A tent can safely and comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 1 child (less than 14 years-old)

ARE THE ROOMS AIR-CONDITIONED?2017-08-05T15:39:15+00:00

At 4 Rivers, we are strongly committed to environment preservation and conservation by minimizing our energy consumption.

Therefore our tents do not have air conditioner but are well ventilated. Large net windows, a ceiling fan and stand fans will keep you cool. In some periods of the year you’ll be happy to use the blanket during the night

DO WE NEED TO BRING INSECT SPRAYS?2017-08-05T15:40:07+00:00

We have insect spray at the resort as well as natural mosquito repellant sprays but you may bring your own brand if you are comfortable using it.  Some guests are very sensitive to some chemical contents and would prefer to bring their own.


The whole resort is floating on and is surrounded by water. It is a must that the children know how to swim. We don’t have baby sitter, it is thus the parents’ responsibility to always look after the children.

WHAT DOES THE ROOM RATE INCLUDE?2017-08-05T15:38:20+00:00

Included in the room rate are the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Boat transfer for check in and check out within the regular boat schedules:
    • Check in: 2.00pm and 5.00pm
    • Check out: 8.00am, 10am and 12.00nn
  • Free use of kayaks, fishing rods, library and dvds
  • Boat trip to see the fireflies at 7pm (weather-permitting)