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How to Get in Touch with Us?

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is a 4-Star Boutique Hotel that offers luxury in nature with its trail of floating tents by the river. Our accommodations are set perfectly in a place where you get to have the perfect view of the scenic Cardamom Mountains. It is a privately remote area that is located near the Thai border and is accessible via a boat ride; a service which the lodge itself offers to guests. Going to the dock, you may take a car ride to Tatai (the city where the dock is) which is just 20 minutes away from Koh Chang in Phnom Penh.

Here is how you can get in touch with us.

Our Staff

Upon your arrival, our welcoming staff headed by our resort managers Luz and Paulo, will give you a comfortable personalized service. They oversee every single detail to make sure that you don’t encounter any problems during your stay. And, if there is one, they will ensure that it is taken care of in the best way possible.

Our commitment is shared by every member of our hotel staff. Most of them are locals of Cambodia that are highly trained in all aspects of hotel management and housekeeping.
Our goal is to give you a memorable experience throughout your stay. So, if you have any concerns within your time spent with us, you can reach out to any of our staff anytime.

Our Head Office

The brains of this operation are our executive managing team, Valentin and Anna. They both have a diverse mind and deep knowledge of the country, the culture of the place, and its potentials. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, the husband and wife team has the expertise that stem from their background. They aim to keep 4 Rivers Floating Lodge growing as a resort.

Be in touch with them for any suggestions, comments, and other concerns that will help us manage the hotel better. We are open to hearing your creative input to make your stay the best as it can be.

Our Social Media Accounts

You can also visit our Facebook page for promotional deals exclusive to our guests. You can also find some photos tagged by other tourists during their stay at the hotel. Apart from that, our page is connected to the Trip Advisor Review page as well. See the ratings and comments of people who have stayed with us.

On top of these, you can also leave something on our page or send us a private message for any inquiry. Like our page and follow our constant updates to see what we have to offer for your next visit.

We can be reached through email as well. We welcome any of your messages and reservations at reservations@ecolodges.asia

Book with us now and have an experience worth remembering for a lifetime. Experience our excellent service and the beauty of the Cardamom Mountains and the Tatai River. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Send us a message and we will take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your amazing adventure.

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4 Rivers Floating Lodge
Koh Andet Island
Tatai, Cambodia


+855 (97) 64 34 032 (reservations)
+855 (23) 21 73 74 (office)
+855 (97) 67 14 089 (reception)