One Of The Best Cambodia Hotels

The idea behind 4 Rivers was to create an environmentally friendly yet luxury resort so you could rest and relax while enjoying the ecological miracle that is Cardamoms Rainforest.
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Of all the holiday accommodations you can dream of, nothing comes close to sleeping in a luxurious floating tent that bobs gently on the tranquil water of the Tatai river.
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Capture the amazing sights and sounds of this magnificent forest with its colorful and rare inhabitants.
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Luxury & Exclusivity in Cambodia

Escape to paradise, at one of the most luxurious and exclusive Cambodia hotels in the area. At 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, spend days exploring the pristine waters and forests at the foot of the Kravanh and Cardamom Mountains, and evenings relaxing in a serene floating bungalow on the Tatai. The floating tents at our tranquil, overwater hotel, are the first of their kind, and a must-see destination, for anyone who loves to fully immerse themselves in nature, while still maintaining the ease of a luxury vacation.

When it comes to one the best hotels in Cambodia, few resorts put as much care into providing travelers with a one-of-a-kind experience as 4 Rivers Floating Lodge does. Guests at the lodge are encouraged to enjoy a wide range of activities, including a trek through the jungle at dawn, a visit to the Tatai Waterfall, a Ta Kiev Mountain Trek through the Cambodian rainforest, and a sunset cruise so magical, the sky may never look the same again. Our world-class amenities also include a locally inspired 4 Rivers Restaurant, which highlights the very best of Cambodian cuisine and the French, Chinese, and Indian influences that have shaped it over the centuries.

Cambodia is called the Kingdom of Wonder for its unmatched culture and natural beauty. The lush forests, mountains, and rivers of this magical land are embodiments of Cambodia’s inherent luxury and are teeming with plants and animals you won’t find anywhere else in the world. As one of the best hotels in asia, we have a commitment to exploring all the best that Cambodia has to offer, a stay at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is more than just a vacation – it’s a life-changing experience. Come by for a stay at our floating lodges and find out exactly what makes Cambodia so unforgettable.



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