The Team

Welcome aboard

After many years of experience with first-class boat trips down the mighty Mekong River, we know a thing or three about luxury, discovery and personal touch.

Behind the scenes, in our Phnom Penh office:

Valentin and his wife Anna are the multilingual creative brains behind this awesome project. Bringing youth, imagination and practical common sense to 4Rivers, they have a deep knowledge of Cambodia, a successful background in the tourism and hospitality industries plus the drive and imagination to make 4 Rivers Floating Lodge your perfect vacation destination.

As the resort's co-owners and executive managing team, they will welcome suggestions for ways to make your stay at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge the trip of a lifetime

To complete that picture they have assembled a team of professionals to care for your every need


Vat Sreyneang makes sure that your taxi service is arranged, while Sreyneang works with our partner bank to ensure that your booking is confirmed by processing your credit card payments. 

Their passion to help preserve the beautiful Cardamom Rainforest, using our unique tented floating accomodation paired with that genuinely warm Cambodian hospitality...
is what makes them work hard to ensure that the resort is provided with all the resourcess it needs, to create that remarkable experience to each and every 4Rivers' guest.
Our office is located in Phnom Penh, Anna, who is handling Reservations, will be at ther keyboard Mondays to Fridays between 8AM and 4RPM (GMT+7). That is 11AM in Sydney, 3AM to 11AM in Paris and 5PM to 2AM in San Francisco

 At your service onboard 4 Rivers Floating Lodge:


Once at the resort, your first contact will be with Luz, the driver of 4Rivers' Customer Service Excellence!

At the heart and soul of this exciting adventure and personalized service experience, Luz is the resort’s manager whose watchful eye for detail ensures any problems are solved with the maximum efficiency, making sure that everything is done to give you that remarkable experience.

Her long experience with distinguished hotels, will make you feel safe when she's around...

With strong determination, focus, patience, and commitment to continuously strive to enhance our hotel operations to achieve better sustainability, while ensuring your utmost comfort, Luz amazingly finds the way to accommodate each and every request, with that genuine smile.

The crew at 4 Rivers has been hand-picked to make your vacation a memorable experience. Our restaurant crew have been properly trained to accommodate your needs. They are the key players in providing you with that "remarkable dining experience".

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And the excursion team...

headed by Adonis...

are composed of the most enthusiastic excursion guides and boat drivers

that you'll ever meet! They bring out the fun in the Cardamoms exploration...


Where are we

Voyage of discovery

Download the PDF document containing detailed information and directions

Remote but accessible, getting to 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is your opportunity to acclimatise yourself to the country, the region and its always smiling, welcoming people.

Getting to 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge

Latitude : 11°31’50.00 N - Longitude : 103° 8’41.00 E

A voyage

The resort is ideally situated in Tatai, next to the Thai border halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh (via Koh Chang).

Highway 48 cuts straight through the jungle, with dramatic views of the magnificent Cardamom mountains. Tatai is 20 minutes by car from Koh Kong City, four hours from Phnom Penh or three hours from Sihanoukville.

You embark at the steps of the Cardamoms, in the village of Tatai; in our boat the trip downstream the bridge to the resort takes less than 25 minutes with our boat.

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