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August 2014 by Simone & Barry

Many things make 4 Rivers Floating Lodge special. The first is its unique location, only accessible by boat.
4 Rivers is made up of safari tents and... read the article

necastle herald

Hit the relax button in Cambodia

21 March 2014, by BRENT DAVISON

It is a luxury hotel bereft of a swimming pool and gym, boutique accommodation with just 12 “rooms” but fronting no city street. And it cannot be reached by regular transport.
Yet 4 Rivers Floating Lodge has emerged as one of Cambodia’s “must stay” places, a hotel like no other... read the article


AFTER THE TEMPLES - 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

February 2013, Sarah-Leigh Shenton

My holiday to Cambodia had taken me to the busy streets and tragic Killing Fields of Phnom Penh and the intricate history of Angkor Wat. Somewhat templed out, at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge I found... read the article


4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia

27 March 2013

When you think about Cambodia what images spring to mind? Do you picture a quiet amazing get away filled with natural sounds and adventure? That is exactly what you will find at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia.
The Lodge is a series of floating rooms tethered together... read the article


Romanul care a construit un complex hotelier eco, in jungla Cambodgiei, singurul din lume

18 august 2013, video (Romanian)

Turistii care vor o vacanta atipica, intr-un paradis inca neatins de mana omului, se pot caza intr-unul din corturile plutitoare. E singurul resort de acest gen din lume, iar doritorii... watch video


20 of the world's most luxurious campsites

 Camping doesn't have to mean damp tents, beans every meal and an insatiable longing for a hot power shower

27 June 2012, By Anthea Gerrie

Once upon a time camping was a rough-and-ready business of pegging out your own canvas, washing in the river and cooking scratch meals over a campfire.
But -- as the likes of Justin Bieber, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, the Duchess of Cambridge and Kate Moss know all too well -- the chic traveler who wants to get close to nature goes glamping instead... read the article


Cambodia's new five-star floating resort

3 March 2012, Dermott Brereton

Watch the show (YouTube)
When he heard he was going somewhere with a reputation as a Wild West frontier town, Dermott thought he was off to north America. He was in for one big surprise when his flight headed to Cambodia. Destination: Koh Kong in the country's south-west... read the article



Abandon land for Southeast Asia's best 'floatels'

For sleeping options with maximum buoyancy, check out these floating hotels in the Greater Mekong subregion

2 April 2012, By Merritt Gurley

When it comes to adventure travel, in terms of accommodation options lazy is the new crazy.
In Southeast Asia alone there are dozens of hotels that offer the chance to relax, ride the tides and, in the immortal words of Modest Mouse, float on... read the article



Roman imbogatit in jungla

29 March 2011, video (Romanian)

Ceea ce pentru multi este doar un vis frumos, pentru el este realitate. Un roman stabilit in Cambodgia a construit un complex de corturi de lux chiar in mijlocul junglei. Acum, la nici doi ani de la deschidere, mii de turisti ii trec pragul... watch video

gandul logo

Cum a ajuns UN ROMÂN să deschidă UN COMPLEX TURISTIC de lux în mijlocul junglei din CAMBODGIA

26 March 2011, by Mihai Schiau (Romanian article)

La 8.200 de kilometri de Bucureşti, pe malul râului Tatai din Cambodgia, pluteşte singurul complex de corturi de lux din lume. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, un hotel de 2.000 de metri pătraţi şi format din 12 corturi, este construit de la zero de un român stabilit în Cambodgia... read the article


Water beds: a luxury ecolodge in the Cambodian rainforest

2 February 2011, by Jane Dunford

There's more to Cambodia than beaches and temples. A luxury waterborne ecolodge offers a wilderness break in style...

It's pitch black as I set off tentatively in my kayak, the starless sky merging seamlessly into the inky river. The only sound is of my paddle in the water and a faint chirping of cicadas. Suddenly... read the article


In Cambodia, Koh Kong Emerges as an Eco-Tourism Destination

4 March 2011, by Naomi Lindt

... travelers are now discovering the area’s awe-inspiring biodiversity, which includes one of Southeast Asia’s largest tracts of virgin rain forest; some 60 threatened species, including the endangered Asian elephants, tigers, Siamese crocodiles and pileated gibbons; and a virtually untouched 12-island archipelago ... read the article


12 stylish boutique hotels in Cambodia

1 April 2011, By Catharine Nicol

A decade ago Cambodia was in recovery, memories of the civil war still raw.
Today entrepreneurs are setting up new businesses as fast as they can, with many choosing to go into the small hotel trade.
From converted colonial buildings to sparkling, high-tech designer pads, here are 12 boutique hotels in Cambodia that combine affordability with a large slice of style... read the article

Daily Mail

Coastal Cambodia: Ghosts, glamour and glorious food on the Far East's lost shore

23 August 2010, By Carolyn O'Donnell

It is something akin to a Christmas tree, tiny lights pulsing brilliant against the velvet sky.
As I watch, the fireflies dance in the mangroves, the synchronized flashing of their small bodies shimmering in the smooth tidal water of the Tatai River. The tropical darkness parts gently as I glide closer in my kayak... read the article

justmeans logo

Eco-Travel Trend: Glamping is Groovy

13 August 2010, by Clarissa Caldwell

Glamping, or glamour camping, is one of the latest green travel trends. Think about it: a vacation close to the outdoors, but with a few ounces of luxury. A shower. A comfy bed. Eco-outhouses. Not only is it cushier and comfier than roughing it, glamping is... read the article


Floating lodge sits lightly

February 27, 2010

Cambodia's first floating lodge has opened in Koh Kong province. The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is on the Tatai River, halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh. Owner Valentin Pawlik, who arrived in Cambodia five years ago from Romania to work in the boat industry, says the pristine beauty of the area has led him down the eco path.
"I'm not [yet] an eco-maniac... read the article


Positive World Travel -

March 29th, 2010 @ 2:59 pm by Ant & Elise

If you ever have a guilty conscience when staying in the large, fancy resorts thinking that you are not doing ‘your bit’ for the environment, then look no further than 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Tatai, Cambodia. This lodge offers. If you... Read more


Jettersblog -

March 2, 2010 on 7:40 pm

The 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge situated on the bend of the Tatai River running from the Cardamom Mountains is Cambodia’s first luxury resort in a natural setting. Ecotourism is very much... Read more



Know Your Hotel -

March 3, 2010 at 5:33pm

The first floating lodge has just opened its doors in Koh Kong province in Cambodia. The 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge is located on the Tatai River, halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh. The proudly owner comes... Read more


Flickr -

A nice set of pictures of 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge by Inboud Asia Magazine - See all



This video is courtesy of Elise and Anthony Milotic.It was recorded during their stay at 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge in March 2010.
As a wise man once said, one moving picture is worth more than a thousand words. See the movie


AsiaLife Magazine -

December 3, 2009

Paradise Regained - by Mark Jackson

As with eco-tourism, the debate over what constitutes an eco-lodge is heated. Without a clear definition and no obvious guidelines, it appears that an eco-lodge is really whatever you say it is. Mark Jackson talks to three people who have opened “eco-lodges” in Cambodia... Read article


Inbound Asia Magazine -

January 2010

Under Canvas, Over Water - by Marissa Carter

Cambodia’s First Floating Tent Eco-lodge
Gently bobbing on its pontoon platform in the Tatai river,4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge is Cambodia’s and possibly the world’s first floating tent resort. Surrounded by lush jungle, elegantly hip decor and a laidback atmosphere make this unique escape the perfect... Download PDF or Read article on page 26