Symbiosis is the key

Sunset in Tatai

If eco-tourism conjures up visions of uncomfortable beds, leaky tents and songs round a campfire, 4 Rivers is not for you.
Our vision for the perfect vacation in unspoilt surroundings is to offer top-of-the-line luxury in harmony with Mother Nature, to give her a chance to impress you with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours and images.

Relax and let your senses take over with the rustling sound of a small creature in the tangled undergrowth on the shoreline, a flash of colour as a bird rises out of the jungle and the cymbals, bells and musical notes of a traditional roneat ek (xylophone) blowing in the wind.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is at one with the natural order and engages the local community in promoting and fostering the soft tread of an environmentally aware footprint.
  • It's being built using only enviro-friendly materials
  • Protecting the forest - the use of wood is limited; modern, composite materials have been integrated in the construction.
  • The resort has a sophisticated waste water treatment system


And, most importantly, local people are our partners in ensuring its success. They have been trained in all aspects of running the resort, from housekeeping and cleaning to cooking, from serving food and drinks and solving maintenance problems to filling your room with the fragrance of fresh-cut flowers