Key to a secret world

Like a rare butterfly, Cambodia has emerged from a troubled past to show off its beauty.

Away from the tourist trail to ancient civilisations, there is another country . . . a land of unspoilt virgin forest, rare orchids and fragrant frangipani, the startling colours and calls of birds of paradise, secretive jungle creatures and a perfumed air of peace and solitude.

This ecological miracle deserves an environmentally friendly resort that captures the imagination while offering the luxury and high-end facilities of a four-star boutique resort.

Peaceful seclusion, privacy, luxury, exclusivity . . .

Welcome to 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

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Symbiosis is the key

Sunset in Tatai

If eco-tourism conjures up visions of uncomfortable beds, leaky tents and songs round a campfire, 4 Rivers is not for you.
Our vision for the perfect vacation in unspoilt surroundings is to offer top-of-the-line luxury in harmony with Mother Nature, to give her a chance to impress you with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours and images.

Relax and let your senses take over with the rustling sound of a small creature in the tangled undergrowth on the shoreline, a flash of colour as a bird rises out of the jungle and the cymbals, bells and musical notes of a traditional roneat ek (xylophone) blowing in the wind.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is at one with the natural order and engages the local community in promoting and fostering the soft tread of an environmentally aware footprint.
  • It's being built using only enviro-friendly materials
  • Protecting the forest - the use of wood is limited; modern, composite materials have been integrated in the construction.
  • The resort has a sophisticated waste water treatment system


And, most importantly, local people are our partners in ensuring its success. They have been trained in all aspects of running the resort, from housekeeping and cleaning to cooking, from serving food and drinks and solving maintenance problems to filling your room with the fragrance of fresh-cut flowers


Living the dream

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Start your day waking up to the sights and muted sounds of the Cardamom mountains. As the mist clears over the water, there is little to disturb the natural calm other than the plop and splash of a feeding fish, the startled cry of a far-off bird and the growl of a predator returning home after a kill.

With their origins in the safari veldt of Africa's game parks, each of the 12 double and twin-bed tented villas is, at 45sqm, a space age wonder combining luxury with practicality.

Cocooned in comfort and surrounded by top-quality furnishings and decoration, each villa has flat-screen television and DVD player, and mini-bar. Not that DVD movies, messages and recorded sound will be any match for the natural wonders you will witness from your private extra-large sun-lounger balcony where you can enjoy an afternoon snack or a sunset cocktail.

Away from the stress and pressure of everyday life, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is the ultimate vacation hideaway where you quickly forget where you came from.


Food for thought

Restaurant 4 Rivers

What Cambodians don’t know about freshwater and saltwater fish could occupy a pinhead.

It’s a fact recognised by top celebrity chef Rick Stein, who travelled to southeast Asia to write his Far Eastern Odyssey bestseller and make a BBC tv series about the food and culinary skills he picked up in Cambodia.

So come and experience the taste of the heart of Cambodian food. You will be able to understand, and agree, why Khmer People are so proud of their dishes.

Combined with our guests origins, the result is a mix of food culture prepared and cooked with local ingredients.

Western and southeast Asian food are a speciality alongside a wide selection of culinary offerings from around the world complemented by our sommelier’s choice of wines and spirits from our carefully chosen cellar of fine wines.

Under the expert eye of our resort’s experienced and acclaimed chef and his team, everything from breakfast to an haute cuisine dinner, a barbecue or vegetarian creation are made from fresh produce bought at local markets. All meals are lovingly prepared in a purpose-built kitchen geared to the needs of our guests.

Restaurant 4 Rivers


A world of difference

Excursions around 4 Rivers Floatig Lodge

Our aim is that you will be spoiled for choice. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to resist the temptation to stay in the comfort of your tent.

4 Rivers offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with our neighbours. Theirs is a simple life that up close and personal has had a profound affect on all those who share it for even the shortest time.

Venturing further afield, our trekking tours into the jungle offer you the chance to discover the customs, beliefs and natural cures of the inhabitants of the Cardamom Mountains and its forests. You can follow the spore of its secretive wildlife and experience first hand the sights and sounds of an untouched tropical paradise as you penetrate deeper into the undergrowth. And always keep your camera at the ready so you can capture the beauty of one of the world’s largest rainforests.

Rich in natural beauty, Tatai River is your highway to the wonders of the Cardamoms and Southeast Asia’s largest coastal mangrove.Excursions around 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Kayak down river with our experienced local guide who will lead you through the mangrove waterways that reach back into the jungle. Indulge yourself with a hydro massage courtesy of the majestic Tatai Waterfalls, team up with some locals and try your hand at fishing for your supper or snuggle up with that special someone during our Sunset Cruise. The river is all things to all people, from trailblazers to romantics.

And as the clock ticks on, maybe it’s spoil-yourself time with a refreshing dip in the river or a chance to lounge by the restaurant and enjoy the majestic colours of the setting sun.

See details about our tours here


Mother Nature’s cradle


Leave your imagination at the door, because the Cardamoms will go beyond even your wildest expectations. As you stroll through the virgin forest, the stillness is broken only by the roar of the Tatai river as water cascades and crashes into a gorge 12ft below.

Once the torrent has been tamed in the dry season, it is possible to wade out into the gently rolling stream and dive into the depths below. The water is as crystal pure as nature intended.

The lush forested slopes of the Cardamoms were once the perfect hiding place for the Javanese rhinoceros. Today, a sighting of a threatened Indochinese tiger or an Asian elephant is worth 1,000 safaris anywhere else in the natural world. Gibbons sometimes serenade at sunrise and barking deer yelp at the edge of the jungle. Siamese crocodile, once thought extinct, have also been seen in the rivers that criss-cross this magical haven.


According to the Wildlife Alliance, World Wildlife Fund and other concerned charities, this remarkable rainforest ecoregion is considered to harbour more than 100 mammal species including numerous endangered animals such as the clouded leopard, pileated gibbon and Malaysian sun bear.

The resident birdlife is estimated at a staggering 553-plus species, although in all probability many will be added after more comprehensive surveys. A veritable twitchers' paradise, waders from storks to cranes inhabit its wetlands, song birds love its wooded slopes and the brahminy kite hovers overhead on the lookout for a meal. Among the rarest of sightings are the silver oriole and the great hornbill, which are thought to be on the brink of extinction.


Season 2016-2017 rates

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  • Room and package rates are for one or two adult guests per room
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  • Online pre-booking DOES NOT require online payment.
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4 Rivers Floating Lodge is only accessible by boat. To ensure a smooth pick-up at our embarking dock please give us your local phone number or that of your guide/driver and contact us prior to arrival.

To preserve our unique location and environment please help minimize our boat’s fuel consumption during your transfer to/from 4 Rivers by being on time for your check-in/out boat transfers.

There are two complimentary incoming and two outgoing transfers every day:

Check-in boat is scheduled to leave our embarking dock in Tatai Village at 2pm and 5pm.

Check-out time is before noon, so please be ready to check out at 8am or 12pm, when the boat leaves 4 Rivers for Tatai village.

Outside this schedule, we propose a boat taxi service for 20USD per boat.

Discovery tours

*subject to boat & guide availability
**from November to April; pre-booking is necessary at least 2 days beforehand
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COMPULSORY GALA DINNER on December 24 and December 31 - per person 55 USD

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